Antiques Horology


Certified Horologist, Guido Calvetty Alave began his apprenticeship as a child in Bolivia, and is now certified by Rolex, Ebel and other fine watch companies as an authorized repair technician of all multi-function, complicated timepieces. He can repair damaged timepieces, even those considered “not repairable”, and return to you in short order, keeping perfect time.

GCA La Precision also repairs all makes of clocks including the famous Atmos that works with atmospheric temperature. He is very well known for his restoration of modern, vintage and antique watches and clocks. All services are guaranteed.


By Master Watchmaker Rolex Trained & Certified #168 Guido Calvetty Alave

1-      Check for Major Scratches, Damage

2-      Dial Condition

3-      Crown Unscrews Properly

4-      Tube Threads Sound

5-      Date/Day Operates Correctly

6-      Hands Free, Operates Smoothly, Aligned

7-      Tube & Crown Gaskets Sound

8-      Crystal Sound-No Cracks

9-      Bezel Rotates Smoothly

10-   Luminous Dots in Place

11-   Band attached Securely, All Links Secure

12-   Clasp Secure, Operates Smoothly

13-   Bracelet Stretched/Elongated

14-   All Pins Fit Properly, Don’t Snag

15-   Pushbuttons Function Properly

16-   Energy Cell

17-   Winds Smooth by Hand – Automatic Wind Operates Smoothly

18-   Back Gasket Replaced

19-   Watertight To——Feet – Not Watertight

20-   Timekeeping

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